A message from the Directors Autumn 2018

A message from the Directors Autumn 2018
Countrywide Austral Career

Autumn has arrived and we hope everyone enjoyed the summer months.

Welcome to all new starters to CWA, this year we are celebrating 20 Years of Countrywide Austral. Chris and Tony started Countrywide Media in 1998 and who would’ve thought 20 years later it would be called Countrywide Austral, still going strong and the biggest company in our industry. Since the start of the year we have welcomed back Inductions for new starters and provided weekly sales training sessions once a month that will continue all year round. Our admin team has over 30 years experience and over the last month have enhanced their skills with weekly training sessions. Even the top sportspeople in the world train to improve their skills.

I would like to welcome our new managers for 2018, Tom & Cam. Both have a great passion and enthusiasm for the role and with great support around them (Luke assisting Cam) we are certain they will excel in this role.

We have some new and exciting projects happening over the next couple of months that will keep us leading the industry in innovation. We will keep you posted once these occur.

Over the last 3-4 months it has been great to have some of our clients come and visit us. We have had Secretary of Victorian State Emergency Service Volunteers Association, President and Secretary of United Nations Police Association, CEO New Zealand Blue Light, Committee Representative of Victorian Police Citizen Youth Club (PCYC), Secretary Australasian Institute of Policing and former President of Federal Police Association. We have also visited our clients interstate to attend Ambulance Unions Xmas Dinner on Sydney Harbour, lunch with NSW Police Association and NSW SES Volunteers Association Committee, dinner with President Australian Institute of Emergency Services, The Blue Ribbon Ball and we attended the biggest International Police Conference for Women in Cairns, which CWA sponsored an award. Many of our clients have been part of the 20 year CWA Journey, which is recognition to the service we provide to them.

Finally, I would like to thank all of our loyal sales /admin/accounts and production teams at CWA. We have a huge year ahead and I hope you reach your goals in 2018.

Let’s all work together to achieve more.

Craig & Tony